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King Way Advanced Technilogies,Inc. Abatement Maintenance Service

Best service、PM service team、Repair capability、Maintenance related support and technical consultation.

King Way Advanced Technilogies,Inc. Competitive Advantage

Plentiful Experienced Teams
  • KingWay Advance has several onsite engineers for each customer site for daily check and abatement maintenance service.
  • KingWay Advance had over 20 years of service experience and covered most Semicon customers. The reputation of KingWay Advance is the best choice in this field.
Unique Advantage
  • All replacement parts are certified by customer.
  • KingWay Advance had strong experience in PM cycle extension.
  • KingWay Advance provides abatement or parts modification for customers' CIP inquiry and makes the optimization of abatement performance.
Professional Training
  • KingWay Advance service teams are all trained in the following areas:
    • 6S training for semi industry
    • Training course for dangerous gases used in semiconductor Fabs
    • Abatement training course
    • Abatement electrical diagram training course
    • Abatement fault diagnosis and troubleshooting course
    • Abatement fault elimination training course
Fastest Response
  • KingWay Advance provides 24-7 ON CALL service for maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • KingWay Advance provides the shortest parts lead-time and onsite service support.
  • KingWay Advance provides a troubleshooting log and root cause analysis to the tool sponsor after eliminating the issue.